Balanced Healing

Services & Rates

New Patient Appointment: 1.5 hours

$140.00* per session

Prior to your first visit, please fill out and bring in the New Patient Form. During your initial visit a full health history will be taken. We will discuss your symptoms, health and lifestyle. This information will be used to determine where your body's imbalance is and to determine your treatment plan, which may include needling, gua sha, cupping, tuning forks, or acuppressure. Once needles are inserted, you will relax, listening to soft music, for approximately 30 minutes. Please wear loose, comfortable clothing.

Returning Patient Appontment : 1hour

$90.00* per session

The number of treatments required varies depending on the person and their condition. Follow-up appointments will begin with a brief discussion of any noticeable changes that have occurred since your last treatment, and the treatment plan will be reassessed to determine the most appropriate course of action. Needles are, again, retained for approximately 30 minutes.

Free Miliatery Stress Reduction Clinic

$Free per 30 minutes

Serving Veterans, active duty military, first responders and their families, The Wellness Project, a group of area acupuncturists, holds a free community clinic utilizing the NADA auricular (ear) protocol. This simple but effective treatment elicits a calming and sedating effect, releasing endorphins that lead to reduced stress, leaving you feeling calm, relaxed and grounded. *Currently suspended due to COVID-19*


How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Everyone is different, and a chronic condition will typically take more visits than an acute condition. A standard course of treatment in Eastern Medicine is 6-10 visits.   Each treatment builds on the one before, so please plan on appointments being once a week for at least 4-6 weeks to  give the body time to make the necessary changes.